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The Life of Roy Keane


If you’re looking for a good autobiography, then this is the one for you! Roy Keane is a famous soccer player and now coach. He talks about what a tough time he had getting to be a player and coaching now. He also says how tough it is to deal with all the players and […]

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Soul Surfer


This book is very well written because it feels like the author is talking to you, the reader. This book is about Bethany Hamilton and she wrote it herself. This book takes place in Hawaii and it is about her unbelievable recovery from a shark attack. Her family was also unbelievable with all the support […]

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The Diary of Anne Frank


The diary of Anne Frank is a true, compelling story about a girl during World War 2 who was forced to live a secret life. Anne and her family had to live in another person’s house, but behind their wall! She was very lonely, despite being with her family, and had to keep her feelings to […]

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